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Some details concerning these last texts published under in this blog, documents of support.

Some details concerning these last texts published under in this blog, documents of support.

The fulminant cancer as discrete process to kill someone

Nuno Debonaire, as I recent remember in a video statement is the first one that after was killed, by the information that I have, a fulminant cancer, as many have been killed in the same way. Also recent, in a dream also accounted in video, an image that speaks about another that after became real, in the sense, that some had prepared to happen in this way that also is indirectly connected with some partial ids, concerning the fall of the towers in NY. The water that fall from sky, as image of connection between sky and earth, that the people that are living now in the upper house had provoked some months ago, (also show in video at the time). This process was also used to kill Miguel Portas and I suppose by the reasons already accounted, at at my home in 2005

Nuno debonaire, icep, the three laces, and his dead

Nuno Debonaire, was according what Teresa says to me at that time, her colleague at ICEP, and as I stated, it seems to me be one of the three laces that she mentioned, in the sense of laces as correspondence with three mans, or three lovers, and I always felt that he was a kind of chaperon, which means, a cover of another one behind.
His murder, as many fallow after in this constant crime of conspiracy, all cover by the authorities, arise always the same questions as I had remark many years ago, that authorities are covering the murders, or are the murders, and the cover says also always the same, the erase of evidences concerning other major crimes against humankind, the murder as way to conceal the possibility that some part of truth can came to light.

Poker players, meanings, and South Africa connections, the animal

There is another fact, around Nuno debonaire, that make a certain connection with others implied in this crimes, as I discover after on internet, if true, it seems that he was also a professional poker play, and this connected through this universe, the poker games, with another man, the “animal” that enlarge this lines until south Africa by the lady and the three emails that Zeza at a certain point gave to me, (also again recent evoked).

The projection of smells and the connection with a lady that was living here, for a while, South Africa, Boers, and FPF

At the end of last week, at dinner time, entering the building a small of very good roster meat was in the air, the strangeness, was, that the small, was the same as some years ago, coming at that time for the house upstairs where at a certain point has also living a lady that I suppose was from South Africa, as all know the projection of smells is a constant trick , and recent again appears as quoted also in recent vides, namely, the fire wood, inside my home, very concentrate in space as some time these kind of small had arisen during all these years.

Smells, thought these years, the smell of the devil, Gulbenkian account lines

Summarizing by memory at this moment the smells, the first one that I remember, was at the time before the breaking of the family, at av. Poeta mistral, with my son entering and the smell of toasted bread with butter, as I gave account on a beautiful text at that time, also around at Gulbenkian, the smell of “enxofre” and the devil, onu old lines, then it seems that someone that have this ability is connected and came from the time of 2004, and av Berna place, a kind of inverted nose, which is a partial id important in many aspects as all can understand by the book of life

The dead of the Brazilian model at the orient towers

The house upstairs as all know as always been used for many, during many years and many events concerning pass, are narrated in book of life, from the time before the tsunami, including a dead of a Brazilian model in the towers of orient, expo place.

The game debts and eventually a reason to still, exchange of even murder my child, image of games, as terrorist networks, Nevada

This present line that seems glue some, of poker, and professional games, as I stated before, as many ramifications all around including at a certain point, an echo from Nevada, first the image of jack Bauer series as process of anonymous acts of terror and there is a possibility that also had arisen concerning one of the most probably motifs that can explain why all these terrorists of state are covering the crime concerning my child and what in truth happen at his birth. That he was given to others and consequently exchange for the payment of a game debt, or that an exchange was done to give him to another, namely a high figure of state.

The indirect prove that all the figures of this Nazi country are covering it

This is proved indirectly by all the criminal acts of denying the access to justice and consequently to the truth perpetuated all this years by the doctor’s order, of course under the command of all the high authorities of this country in the hand of Nazis, corrupts and murders.

The dream with Nuno debonaire figure

The recent dream with the figure of Nuno debonaire, as you can see by the account, speaks also bout a house, a connection of waters, some large decades ago, and a house that was in a very significant place on these crimes, by many other reasons, the Saldanha place, or Saldanha place as recent building, which means near av Praia Vitoria, London bombs, and recent lines again recent summarized, where I include also the fact of strange meeting with Manuel Falcão and his wife, as I gave the account at time, a man, connected with my field of work, with Paulo Portas, and support of the candidature of Durão Barroso.

Games and debt games and the death of Rosa

The question, or apparent question concerning games and debts of games, reappear recent also connected with another dead of the many that are around and until justice during all this years around this crime against my son and myself. The dead of my cousin Rosa and a recent sum on the process of dead, also point the eventually the same group behind by the same operative process.

What the word say to me in the recent video where I evoked this memory just before the tsunami 2005.

When after recording I heard the word on the video where again a comment one of the two strange facts around and before the tsunami 2005, namely the act of love with Margarida Bessa, and the star under the bed, I have understand two above and three under, or the contrary, ( I will not see it again right now) that confirms to me that a pass was prepared, and the meaning, is upper and the above floor of the same building, because there was no more peoples on her bed. I also realize that some part of this statement was again erased, by the terrorist in remote control on my pc.

Margarida Bessa, and another dead of the group of economists

As I stated at the time, Bessa, is from the family of one economist where some years after another killing connected with this case, arise, from the group of the economists, Hernani lopes, and also there seems that eventually a kind of payment to her as done, concerning a family building at the street in Lapa, where also is the house of Pedro marques lopes, bpn, lines, by perhaps a corruption act to license a project of recovering and commercial use.

The partial id that connect with the fall of the towers

The fact that glues the dream and after the real fact here at home, by the others upstairs and NY fall of the towers, is the connection between sky and heart, in symbolical and at least partially, speaking, also an image of infiltration, and consequently spies, and a connection that I had establish in a summary with the Opus Alquimica from Yung, and a particular figure that make an indirect connection with the fall of the towers, the bear, as primal matter, as I had described in one of the point of the analyze , eggs of water at sea matter blog

Games and places of bingo and football groups again and by extension FPF.

There are two bingos in these two parts of the city that seems point eventually a connection as other facts described in book of life also sum this, nearby Saldanha, sporting, and psd, and where at Alcantara, then is possible that the killers are from these groups

GEIRINHAS, or geiras

The husband of Elsa, one of the men of PT, Portuguese Telecom that was connected with the channel Zero, one of the major still that after became you tube. One of the contract establish with PT concerning the channel Zero was done with his department, signed by another stiller, Bau.

Some more details concerning the meeting with my father day 6 of January 2005

The second meeting that day with my father, after I had go out of his car at av de liberdade, was in the commercial center of Saldanha, which had this particular meaning that reinforce the some place in Lisbon, as many other facts, that seems say, that the one from secret polices, perhaps live there. 

the line of the secret police car crash some years after was also comment in my book of life, and have also some international extensions, the presence of Sakira at that time at Lisbon, a video that i had published at that point, a lunch in the house near Santos, with a few official cars parked in the middle of the street as usual in these constant crimes of power abuse  

Paulo forte
15 10 2012

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